Will Amazon slowly make U.S. 30 more dangerous?

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:40 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) - Production at Amazon’s new facility on Flaugh Road in Allen County, which is already partially open for business, is set to ramp up further. However, could more trucks going in and out of the facility bring additional safety issues along U.S. 30?

Chris Harrison often drives on U.S. 30 and she says she normally doesn’t have any complaints, until now. With more truck drivers set to make their way to Amazon’s new fulfilment center, she says she’s now concerned about driving on busy U.S. 30.

“I just think there’s going to be more traffic, more semis and we really don’t need that much,” Harrison said. “I’ll admit I’m a nature person and I hated to see that wild area destroyed for another business.”

Meanwhile, Howard Lowen says he isn’t as worried.

“I think if they hire qualified drivers and if they follow the law, I can’t really see that many problems,” Lowen said.

Crews have begun working inside the facility and a leader at the fulfillment center said it’ll get busier soon, meaning more trucks potentially leading to more traffic.

With the potential increase in truck traffic coming to the Amazon facility, leaders with INDOT say their main goal is to make sure you are safe while driving on U.S. 30.

“We know that there is an increased amount of traffic on 30 and one of the things we do at INDOT is constantly monitor safety, potential issues, how we can improve the roads and we were already looking at ways to improve U.S. 30 even before we found out Amazon was coming to that area,” INDOT Spokesperson Hunter Petroviak

Petroviak says the department will adjust with those added drivers on the road. However, parts of U.S. 30 have long had a reputation of being dangerous and at times deadly.

“We always encourage drivers to drive distraction free and pay attention to the road and make sure you’re able to get from point A to point B safely,” Petroviak said.

We reached out to amazon for comment, but we have not yet heard back. We also asked Indiana State Police if they thought safety could become a bigger issue, but they would not comment at this time.