HURRICANE IAN: People deciding to stay back and brace the storm

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 11:37 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) - Historic rain, catastrophic winds, and life-threatening storm surge, are all things forecasters are warning Floridians to watch out for. We talked with a few people who aren’t leaving the state, but bracing for the storm.

Jessica and Jim Hammond, both Fort Wayne natives, moved to the Tampa, Florida area almost eight years ago, but this isn’t their first time experiencing a major storm. Since the couple received the news about Ian, the couple moved into preparation mode. Cutting down unstable trees, gathering supplies from the store, and charging portable chargers. They are feeling more prepared than ever before.

“The worst part about the hurricanes is the fact that you have so much forewarning, it’s like the best thing but it’s also the worst thing. The anticipation is long and drawn out. It’s like the only room in our house that does not have windows is basically the master closet. So I’ve blown up an air mattress with sheets and blankets, all the portable chargers and flashlights.”

Hammond Family

Michael Joyner is a retired member of the Fort Wayne Police Department and lives in the Tampa area with his wife. He tells us that the energy they are feeling right now through their community is off the scale.

“This is our first hurricane since moving to Florida two years ago. Nervous, the unknown. never been through this before. You know how it feels when tornado sirens go off back at home. That anticipation of not knowing where is it. Where is it going to hit? And if it does am I prepared to take shelter?”

Mike Joyner

These two families are ready to push through this storm, but they say they could use a little help.