Loved ones react to quadruple stabbing, Huntington Mayor adding police patrol for city

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 5:34 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) - So many people in Huntington are still shocked after a quadruple stabbing happened in the city leaving a couple dead. Family members are remembering them and calling for justice.

Katelyn and Danny England were fatally stabbed in Huntington Thursday night. Police say two other people were stabbed as well and are in critical condition. Katelyn’s sister, Jessica Houston, says the couple was loving and cared for so many. She says they’re leaving behind a four-year-old son and 2-year-old triplets.

“I got the call from my mom, she says she didn’t know what was happening just that Katelyn had been stabbed,” Houston said. “I immediately rushed to see if my nephews and niece were okay.”

The England Family
The England Family(Fort Wayne's NBC)

Houston says she’s been helping take care of the couple’s children after the tragedy.

“Carter, their four year old was there when it happened. He fears everyday that the bad guy is going to come back. It was a relief when we could tell him he was in a place he can’t get him anymore.”

Huntington City Police say it all happened Thursday night when they received a call about a stabbing in a home on Whitelock Street. Police arrested the suspect 27-year-old James Bonewits for the crime Friday morning. He’s charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. He was first seen in court Monday.

“Katelyn and Danny were a God fearing couple. Right now they would probably say it’s for a reason, right now I’m having a hard time knowing what that is,” Houston said. “I don’t understand why right now. I want to know why he’s okay with doing this. Especially in front of my nephew he’s so young.”

Huntington City Mayor Richard Strick says when he heard the sirens, he immediately rushed to the scene. He says this isn’t something that happens often in his small town.

“I was there on the scene, just consoling neighbors and staying out of the way of law enforcement,” Strick said. “We’re increasing patrols to make sure folks feel better about things, We’re making sure folks get connected with counseling or materials.”

He says his heart goes out to the families affected by this crime and he’s been praying for those who lost their loved ones.

“To the families who have been impacted, our hearts go out to them. They’ve been in my prayers,” Strick said.

The family says they are fundraising for the couple’s funeral. You can donate here.

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