S.C.A.N. encouraging parents to seek help during storm damage recovery

S.C.A.N. offering help during storm recovery
S.C.A.N. offering help during storm recovery(WPTA21)
Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 5:37 PM EDT
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) - Monday night’s storms left families with a lot more stress than the usual, especially parents taking care of young children. The organization called Stop Child Abuse and Neglect or S.C.A.N. are helping ease that stress.

Between power outages, the storm damage and the heat, families are being forced to cope with new challenges.

S.C.A.N.’s Vice President for Prevention Services Lisa Blanchard says they are there to help. She says it’s stressful for any parent to deal with storm damage and power outages, let alone in these 90 degree temperatures. They’re offering any family taking care of children housing, childcare, food and crisis management during this time.

“This sets a whole new bar for a struggle, when you have this type of crisis happen to your family,” Blanchard said. “How do you recover from storm damage. Did you lose your home? Did you lose your car? We can help.”

She says parents need to think beyond their daily needs. If their power is out, parents will need to figure out meals and housing for a few days. Blanchard says if it’s getting to be too much they can help.

“That’s a long time to go without air, especially if you have little children running around getting hot,” Blanchard said. “I’ve heard people say, okay well just get a hotel. Well most people cant afford that.”

She also pointed out the fact that families lose all their food when the power goes out. She says all of this can get overwhelming, and their organization can even provide parents with someone to talk to through the stress.

“It can feel really isolating when you don’t have someone to talk to,” she said. “All you need is someone to be there to say I see you, it’s hard.”

She says another piece of advice for parents right now, is to just change their mindset. She says she’s been going through the pain herself with her own kids.

Blanchard says if you do need help with recovery, you can stop by S.C.A.N. offices at any time at 500 West Main Street or you can call them at 260-421-5000.

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