It has been just over a week since WPTA was dropped from DISH, and unfortunately DISH has not changed their position on a new agreement.

DISH is indicating one thing to us in their proposals but is telling a far different story to their customers. They publicly state that they're willing to accept rates that other pay TV providers are paying to our company, yet at the same time, they continue to offer us terms, including rates, that are way below the marketplace.  

WPTA is asking for fair and reasonable terms and compensation from DISH.  We are attempting to negotiate with DISH in the same manner we did with every other program provider.  And we successfully concluded fair agreements with everyone else, without delays or disputes.

We have been attempting to reach a fair new agreement with DISH for the past several months.   Our original contract end date is way past.  We offered multiple extensions to provide more time to complete a new agreement, but DISH has steadfastly refused to make a fair deal.  

DISH claims that WPTA is using “hostile negotiating tactics.”  Like other statements being made by DISH, that is just not true!  WPTA is owned by Quincy Media, a small, family owned company, that has been in business since 1926, with roots in the newspaper business that go back even further.  Our objective is to be fair, reasonable and consistent in how we approach negotiations.  Since TV stations were granted the right to negotiate for fair compensation by federal law in 1992, our company has been in a dispute for a total of just 15 hours over that 26-year period of time.  Any objective observer of the process that we had to go through with DISH would describe our approach as fair and reasonable and DISH’s approach as “hostile.”

Please call DISH at 800-333-3474 and let them know you want this dispute resolved and WPTA back on their system.

Click here for a list of DISH Blackouts Since 2010.


WPTA NBC was dropped from DISH Network at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 29th.

WPTA has been working on a new agreement with DISH for the past several months.  We offered DISH five extensions to provide more time to complete a new agreement, but unfortunately, we could not agree to the demands DISH was requiring for a new agreement. 

WPTA has successfully reached new agreements with every other multi-channel video programming service that carries our station.  In all other cases, we feel we reached fair and reasonable agreements, agreements that reflect the current marketplace, and not one of those negotiations resulted in our station being dropped from the service.

DISH has a long track record of disputes and blackouts with broadcasters, including a current national dispute with Univision as well as other local stations, so what is happening with WPTA is not unusual.   

Viewers can express their concerns on this matter by calling DISH at 800-333-3474. 

WPTA NBC continues to be available over the air, along with ABC (21.1), MyNetwork TV (21.3) and WISE CW (33.1), and are available on Comcast, Mediacom, DirectTV, Frontier and 10 other multi-channel video programming services in the Fort Wayne area.

The following is a list of other WPTA program providers:

  • Benton Ridge Telephone Co.
  • Charter
  • Citizen's Telephone Corp
  • City of Auburn
  • CMN-RUS Metronet
  • Comcast
  • Craigville Telephone Co., Inc.
  • DirecTV
  • Frontier Communications
  • Fubo TV
  • Ligonier Telephone Company, Inc.
  • Mediacom
  • Swayzee Telephone Broadband DBA Swayzee Tele Co.
  • Telephone Service Company

Click here for a list of DISH Blackouts Since 2010.


Periodically local TV stations and multi-channel video programming providers (i.e., cable, phone and satellite companies), extend or reach new agreements that allow for the programming providers to continue to carry the local TV stations. Our station’s agreement with DISH expires at 7:00 PM ET on August 29th, and we have yet to reach a new agreement.   

Fort Wayne's NBC has successfully completed new agreements with every other programming provider.     

We are hoping that a new agreement will be reached on time, but if we are unable to reach a new agreement, then you will no longer be able to watch Fort Wayne's NBC or WPTA ABC on DISH.


Periodically local TV stations and multi-channel video programming providers (i.e., cable, phone and satellite companies), extend or reach new agreements that allow for the programming providers to continue to carry the local TV stations.  Our station’s agreement with DISH was set to expire at 7:00 PM ET on August 22nd, but Fort Wayne's NBC has granted an extension of our DISH agreement until August 24th at 9:00 PM ET.   

Fort Wayne's NBC has successfully completed new agreements with every other programming provider.     

We are hoping that a new agreement will be reached on time, but if we are unable to reach a new agreement, then you will no longer be able to watch Fort Wayne's NBC or WPTA ABC on DISH.


Periodically local TV stations and multi-channel video programming providers (i.e., cable, phone and satellite companies), extend or reach new agreements that allow for the programming providers to continue to carry the local TV stations. Our station’s agreement with DISH expires at 6 PM CT on Aug. 22, and we have yet to reach a new agreement.

Fort Wayne's NBC has successfully completed new agreements with every other programming provider.

We are hoping that a new agreement will be reached on time, but if we are unable to reach a new agreement, then you will no longer be able to watch Fort Wayne's NBC or WPTA ABC on DISH.

DISH Blackouts Since 2010

TV Market Network Affiliation Year Blackout Started
Abilene, TX ABC, CW 2017
Abilene, TX ABC, CW 2013
Abilene, TX FOX 2015
Abilene, TX FOX 2012
Albany, GA ABC, NBC 2013
Albany, GA FOX 2015
Albany, NY CBS, CW 2015
Albuquerque, NM ABC 2017
Albuquerque, NM ABC 2014
Albuquerque, NM CBS, Telemundo, CW, MyNetwork 2011
Albuquerque, NM Univision 2018
Alexandria, LA NBC 2012
Amarillo, TX ABC 2015
Anchorage, AK FOX 2015
Atlanta, GA CBS 2017
Atlanta, GA CW 2014
Atlanta, GA Independent 2012
Atlanta, GA NBC 2015
Atlanta, GA Univision 2018
Augusta, GA ABC, NBC 2013
Augusta, GA FOX 2013
Austin, TX ABC 2015
Austin, TX CBS, Telemundo 2015
Austin, TX NBC, CW, MyNetwork 2011
Austin, TX Univision 2018
Bakersfield, CA CBS, FOX 2015
Bakersfield, CA Univision 2018
Baltimore, MD CBS 2017
Baltimore, MD CBS 2014
Baltimore, MD FOX, CW 2015
Baltimore, MD NBC 2017
Baltimore, MD NBC 2014
Bangor, ME CBS, CW 2014
Bangor, ME NBC 2015
Baton Rouge, LA CBS, MyNetwork 2013
Baton Rouge, LA NBC  2016
Beaumont, TX ABC, NBC 2015
Beaumont, TX CBS 2015
Bend, OR ABC 2010
Billings, MT CBS 2016
Biloxi-Gulfport, MS ABC, CBS 2013
Binghamton, NY FOX 2012
Binghamton, NY  NBC 2018
Birmingham, AL ABC, MyNetwork, CW 2015
Birmingham, AL CBS, NBC 2013
Birmingham, AL FOX 2013
Birmingham, AL NBC 2017
Bluefield - Beckley, WV CBS 2012
Bluefield - Beckley, WV NBC, CW 2018
Boise, ID CBS, CW 2015
Boise, ID NBC 2015
Boston, MA ABC 2017
Boston, MA ABC 2014
Boston, MA CBS, MyNetwork 2017
Boston, MA CBS, MyNetwork 2014
Boston, MA Univision 2018
Buffalo, NY CBS, CW 2011
Buffalo, NY MyNetwork, FOX 2015
Buffalo, NY NBC 2015
Butte-Bozeman, MT CBS, CW 2016
Butte-Bozeman, MT NBC 2017
Butte-Bozeman, MT NBC 2013
Casper, WY FOX, ABC, CBS 2012
Cedar Rapids, IA NBC, CW 2018
Cedar Rapids, IA ABC 2012
Cedar Rapids, IA CBS 2015
Champaign, IL ABC 2015
Charleston, SC CBS 2013
Charleston, SC MyNetwork, ABC 2015
Charleston, SC NBC 2013
Charleston, WV ABC, FOX 2015
Charleston, WV CBS 2012
Charlotte, NC CBS 2013
Charlotte, NC NBC 2015
Chattanooga, TN ABC 2015
Chattanooga, TN NBC 2011
Cheyenne, WY FOX, ABC 2012
Chicago, IL CBS 2017
Chicago, IL CBS 2014
Chicago, IL CW 2016
Chicago, IL Univision 2018
Chicago, IL WGN 2016
Chico-Redding, CA ABC 2017
Chico-Redding, CA ABC 2013
Chico-Redding, CA FOX 2013
Cincinnati, OH CBS 2015
Cincinnati, OH FOX 2013
Cincinnati, OH NBC 2017
Cincinnati, OH NBC 2014
Clarksburg-Weston, WV NBC 2012
Cleveland, OH CBS, MyNetwork 2013
Cleveland, OH FOX 2016
Cleveland, OH NBC 2015
Cleveland, OH Univision 2018
Colorado Springs-Pueblo, CO NBC 2016
Colorado Springs-Pueblo, CO Univision 2018
Columbia, SC FOX 2015
Columbia, SC NBC 2013
Columbia-Jefferson City, MO CBS 2015
Columbus, GA ABC 2013
Columbus, GA CBS 2013
Columbus, GA NBC 2018
Columbus, MS FOX 2015
Columbus, OH ABC, FOX 2015
Columbus, OH CBS 2012
Columbus, OH CW 2011
Columbus, OH NBC 2013
Columbus, OH  CBS 2015
Columbus-Tupelo, Mississippi ABC, FOX, NBC 2012
Corpus Christi, TX ABC 2015
Corpus Christi, TX CBS 2018
Corpus Christi, TX NBC, CW, Independent 2016
Corpus Christi, TX Univision 2018
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ABC 2015
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX CBS 2017
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX CBS, Independent 2014
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX CW 2016
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Univision 2018
Davenport, Iowa ABC 2016
Davenport, Iowa FOX, CW 2013
Dayton, OH ABC, FOX 2015
Dayton, OH NBC, CW, MyNetwork 2011
Denver, CO CBS 2017
Denver, CO CBS 2014
Denver, CO FOX 2016
Denver, CO NBC 2015
Denver, CO Univision 2018
Des Moines, IA CBS, MyNetwork 2017
Des Moines, IA CBS, MyNetwork 2014
Des Moines, IA FOX 2015
Des Moines, IA NBC 2016
Detroit, MI CBS, CW 2017
Detroit, MI CBS, CW 2014
Dothan, AL FOX 2013
Duluth, MN CW 2018
Duluth, MN CBS, NBC, MyNetwork 2018
El Paso, TX CBS, FOX 2015
El Paso, TX Univision 2018
Elmira, NY ABC, CBS 2017
Erie, PA CW, NBC, CBS 2017
Eugene, OR ABC 2010
Eugene, OR CBS 2015
Eureka, CA ABC 2013
Eureka, CA FOX 2013
Eureka, CA FOX, MyNetwork 2017
Evansville, IN CBS, FOX 2015
Evansville, IN FOX 2011
Evansville, IN NBC 2013
Fairbanks, AK  ABC 2015
Fargo, ND NBC 2012
Flint, MI FOX 2015
Florence-Myrtle Beach, SC CBS 2013
Florence-Myrtle Beach, SC NBC 2013
Fort Myers, FL CBS 2016
Fort Smith, AR ABC 2017
Fort Smith, AR ABC 2014
Fort Smith, AR CBS 2016
Fort Wayne, IN CBS 2011
Fort Wayne, IN CW 2018
Fort Wayne, IN FOX 2011
Fort Wayne, IN ABC, NBC 2018
Fresno, CA CW, FOX 2015
Fresno, CA Univision 2018
Gainesville, FL CBS, MyNetwork 2015
Grand Junction, CO CBS, MyNetwork 2012
Grand Rapids, MI ABC 2015
Grand Rapids, MI CBS, CW 2015
Grand Rapids, MI FOX 2016
Grand Rapids, MI NBC, MyNetwork 2011
Great Falls, MT CBS, NBC 2016
Green Bay, WI FOX, CW 2015
Green Bay, WI FOX, CW 2011
Greensboro, NC CBS 2015
Greensboro, NC CW 2018
Greensboro, NC FOX 2016
Greensboro, NC MyNetwork, ABC 2015
Greensboro, NC NBC 2017
Greensboro, NC NBC 2014
Greenville, NC ABC 2013
Greenville, NC ABC, MyNetwork 2017
Greenville, NC CBS 2013
Greenville, NC FOX 2013
Greenville, SC CBS 2013
Greenville, SC MyNetwork 2015
Greenville, SC NBC 2017
Greenville, SC NBC 2014
Harlingen, TX CBS 2015
Harlingen, TX Univision 2018
Harrisburg, PA CBS, CW 2015
Harrisburg, PA FOX 2016
Harrisburg, PA NBC 2017
Harrisburg, PA NBC 2014
Hartford, CT FOX 2016
Hartford, CT Univision 2018
Hattiesburg-Laurel, MS CBS 2013
Hattiesburg-Laurel, MS NBC, ABC 2013
Helena, MT CBS, NBC, CW 2016
Honolulu, HI ABC 2017
Honolulu, HI ABC 2014
Honolulu, HI NBC, CBS, MyNetwork 2013
Houston, TX CBS 2015
Houston, TX CW 2016
Houston, TX Univision 2018
Huntsville, AL CBS 2016
Huntsville, AL CW 2018
Huntsville, AL FOX 2013
Huntsville, AL NBC 2013
Indianapolis, IN CBS, FOX 2016
Indianapolis, IN CW, MyNetwork 2011
Indianapolis, IN NBC 2012
Indianapolis, IN  NBC 2015
Jackson, MS ABC 2017
Jackson, MS ABC 2014
Jackson, MS CBS 2013
Jackson, MS FOX, NBC 2013
Jackson, TN NBC 2018
Jacksonville, FL ABC, NBC 2015
Johnstown, PA CBS 2017
Johnstown, PA NBC 2015
Jonesboro, AR ABC, NBC, CW 2013
Joplin, MO-Pittsburg, KS FOX 2018
Juneau, AK ABC, FOX, CW 2015
Kansas City, MO ABC, CW 2017
Kansas City, MO ABC, CW 2014
Kansas City, MO FOX 2016
Knoxville, TN FOX 2013
Knoxville, TN NBC 2015
La Crosse–Eau Claire, WI ABC, CW 2018
La Crosse–Eau Claire, WI CBS 2015
La Crosse–Eau Claire, WI CBS 2012
La Crosse–Eau Claire, WI FOX 2013
Lafayette, IN CBS 2011
Lafayette, LA ABC 2016
Lake Charles, LA NBC, ABC, FOX, CW 2013
Lansing, MI ABC 2015
Laredo, TX CBS 2012
Laredo, TX Univision 2018
Las Vegas, NV NBC, CW, MyNetwork 2015
Las Vegas, NV Univision 2018
Lexington, KY FOX 2015
Lexington, KY NBC 2016
Lincoln, NE NBC 2012
Little Rock, AR ABC 2015
Little Rock, AR CBS 2015
Los Angeles, CA CBS 2017
Los Angeles, CA CBS 2014
Los Angeles, CA CW 2016
Los Angeles, CA Univision 2018
Louisville, KY ABC 2015
Louisville, KY CBS 2017
Louisville, KY CBS 2014
Louisville, KY NBC 2013
Lubbock, TX FOX, CW, Telemundo, MyNetwork 2013
Lubbock, TX NBC 2013
Macon, GA CBS 2015
Macon, GA FOX, ABC 2015
Macon, GA FOX, ABC 2011
Madison, WI ABC 2018
Madison, WI CBS 2015
Madison, WI CBS 2012
Madison, WI FOX 2015
Mankato, MN FOX, CBS 2013
Marquette, MI FOX, NBC 2015
Medford, OR ABC 2010
Medford, OR CBS, CW 2015
Medford, OR FOX 2012
Memphis, TN CBS 2016
Memphis, TN NBC 2013
Meridian, MS CBS 2015
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL CBS, MyNetwork 2017
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL CBS, MyNetwork 2014
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL CW 2016
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL Univision 2018
Milwaukee, WI ABC 2017
Milwaukee, WI ABC 2014
Milwaukee, WI FOX 2016
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN CBS 2017
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN CBS 2014
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN NBC 2015
Minot-Bismark, ND FOX 2011
Missoula, MT CBS, CW 2016
Missoula, MT NBC 2017
Missoula, MT NBC 2013
Mobile, AL ABC, MyNetwork 2015
Mobile, AL CBS 2013
Mobile, AL FOX, CW 2011
Monroe, LA CBS 2012
Monterey, CA NBC 2017
Monterey, CA NBC, ABC 2014
Monterey, CA Univision 2018
Montgomery, AL ABC 2018
Montgomery, AL FOX 2011
Montgomery, AL NBC 2013
Myrtle Beach, SC ABC, CW 2015
Nashville, TN MyNetwork, FOX 2015
New Haven, CT ABC, MyNetwork 2011
New Orleans, LA ABC 2016
New Orleans, LA CBS 2015
New Orleans, LA FOX 2012
New Orleans, LA NBC 2017
New Orleans, LA NBC 2014
New York, NY CBS 2017
New York, NY CBS 2014
New York, NY CW 2016
New York, NY Univision 2018
Norfolk, VA ABC 2015
Norfolk, VA CBS 2016
Norfolk, VA MyNetwork 2015
Norfolk, VA NBC, FOX 2011
North Platte, NE NBC, FOX 2012
Odessa-Midland, TX Univision 2018
Oklahoma City, OK ABC 2017
Oklahoma City, OK ABC 2014
Oklahoma City, OK CBS 2017
Oklahoma City, OK CW, FOX 2015
Oklahoma City, OK NBC 2016
Oklahoma City, OK Univision 2018
Oklahoma City, OK  CBS, MyNetwork 2015
Omaha, NE ABC 2017
Omaha, NE ABC 2014
Omaha, NE FOX, CW 2015
Orlando, FL NBC, CW 2017
Orlando, FL NBC, CW 2014
Orlando, FL Univision 2018
Ottumwa, IA-Kirksville, MO ABC, CBS 2015
Ottumwa, IA-Kirksville, MO FOX 2013
Paducah, KY CBS, CW 2013
Paducah, KY FOX, MyNetwork 2015
Palm Springs, FL Univision 2018
Panama City, FL ABC 2012
Panama City, FL FOX 2013
Peoria-Bloomington NBC, ABC, CW 2018
Peoria-Bloomington ABC 2015
Philadelphia, PA CBS, CW 2017
Philadelphia, PA CBS, CW 2014
Philadelphia, PA MyNetwork 2016
Philadelphia, PA Univision 2018
Phoenix, AZ NBC 2015
Phoenix, AZ Univision 2018
Pittsburgh, PA ABC 2017
Pittsburgh, PA ABC 2014
Pittsburgh, PA CBS, CW 2017
Pittsburgh, PA CBS, CW 2014
Pittsburgh, PA FOX, MyNetwork 2015
Plattsburgh-Burlington, VT NBC, CW 2017
Plattsburgh-Burlington, VT NBC, CW 2014
Portland, ME ABC 2017
Portland, ME ABC 2014
Portland, ME CBS 2015
Portland, ME NBC 2015
Portland, OR ABC 2015
Portland, OR NBC 2015
Portland, OR  Univision 2018
Providence, RI CBS, FOX 2011
Providence, RI CW 2013
Providence, RI NBC 2015
Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands ABC 2017
Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands CBS 2017
Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands Univision 2018
Quincy, IL CBS, ABC 2015
Quincy, IL NBC, FOX, CW 2018
Raleigh-Durham, NC CBS 2013
Raleigh-Durham, NC CW, MyNetwork 2015
Raleigh-Durham, NC FOX 2014
Raleigh-Durham, NC Univision 2018
Rapid City, SD NBC 2015
Rapid City, SD NBC 2011
Reno, NV CBS 2011
Reno, NV FOX, MyNetwork 2015
Reno, NV Univision 2018
Richmond, VA CBS 2016
Richmond, VA FOX 2015
Richmond, VA NBC, CW 2013
Roanoke, VA ABC 2015
Roanoke, VA FOX, CW 2013
Roanoke, VA NBC 2013
Rochester, MN FOX 2018
Rochester, MN NBC, CW 2018
Rochester, NY FOX 2015
Sacramento, CA ABC 2015
Sacramento, CA CBS, CW 2017
Sacramento, CA CBS, CW 2014
Sacramento, CA FOX 2016
Sacramento, CA NBC, MyNetwork 2017
Sacramento, CA NBC, MyNetwork 2014
Sacramento, CA Univision 2018
Salisbury, MD NBC 2018
Salt Lake City, UT CBS, MyNetwork 2015
Salt Lake City, UT FOX 2016
Salt Lake City, UT NBC 2017
Salt Lake City, UT Univision 2018
San Angelo, TX ABC 2017
San Angelo, TX ABC 2013
San Angelo, TX FOX 2015
San Angelo, TX FOX 2012
San Antonio, TX CBS 2015
San Antonio, TX FOX, NBC 2015
San Antonio, TX Univision 2018
San Diego, CA FOX 2016
San Diego, CA Univision 2018
San Francisco CA CBS, CW 2017
San Francisco, CA CBS, CW 2014
San Francisco, CA Univision 2018
Santa Barbara, CA NBC 2016
Santa Barbara, CA Univision 2018
Savannah, GA ABC 2017
Savannah, GA CBS 2013
Savannah, GA FOX 2015
Savannah, GA NBC 2013
Seattle-Tacoma, WA ABC 2015
Seattle-Tacoma, WA CBS 2017
Seattle-Tacoma, WA CW 2014
Seattle-Tacoma, WA FOX 2016
Seattle-Tacoma, WA NBC 2015
Seattle-Tacoma, WA Univision 2018
Sherman, TX-Ada, OK NBC, ABC, CW 2018
Shreveport, LA CBS 2013
Sioux City, IA NBC, CW 2018
Sioux City, IA FOX 2015
Sioux Falls, SD ABC 2012
Sioux Falls, SD FOX 2013
Spokane, WA ABC 2012
Spokane, WA CBS 2015
Spokane, WA CBS 2015
Spokane, WA FOX 2012
Spokane, WI ABC 2015
Springfield, MA NBC 2011
St. Louis, MO ABC 2015
St. Louis, MO FOX 2016
St. Louis, MO NBC 2015
Syracuse, NY NBC, CW 2015
Tallahassee, FL NBC, FOX 2015
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL CBS 2017
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL CBS 2015
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL CW 2014
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL IND 2017
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL Independent 2014
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL NBC, MyNetwork 2013
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL Univision 2018
Terre Haute, IN CBS 2011
Toledo, OH CBS 2013
Toledo, OH FOX 2011
Toledo, OH NBC 2015
Traverse City, MI CBS 2015
Traverse City, MI CBS 2011
Traverse City, MI FOX 2018
Traverse City, MI FOX 2015
Traverse City, MI NBC 2015
Tri-Cities, TN-VA CBS 2013
Tri-Cities, TN-VA FOX 2013
Tri-Cities, TN-VA NBC, CW 2017
Tri-Cities, TN-VA NBC, CW 2013
Tucson, AZ FOX 2015
Tucson, AZ FOX, CBS, MyNetwork 2013
Tucson, AZ NBC 2016
Tucson, AZ Univision 2018
Tulsa, OK ABC 2015
Tulsa, OK CBS, CW 2017
Tulsa, OK  CBS, CW 2015
Twin Falls, ID NBC 2015
Tyler-Longview, TX ABC 2013
Tyler-Longview, TX CBS 2015
Tyler-Longview, TX FOX, MyNetwork 2016
Victoria, TX FOX 2018
Waco, TX NBC 2015
Washington, DC ABC 2015
Washington, DC CBS 2015
Washington, DC CW 2016
Washington, DC Univision 2018
Watertown, NY FOX, CBS 2013
Watertown, NY NBC 2018
Wausau-Rhinelander, WI ABC, CW 2018
West Palm Beach, FL ABC 2017
West Palm Beach, FL ABC 2014
West Palm Beach, FL CBS,CW 2015
West Palm Beach, FL FOX 2013
Wheeling, WV CBS 2012
Wheeling, WV NBC, FOX 2015
Wichita, KS ABC 2018
Wichita, KS FOX, MyNetwork 2015
Wichita, KS Univision 2018
Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA ABC 2016
Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA CW 2015
Wilmington, NC CBS 2014
Wilmington, NC NBC, FOX 2013
Yakima, WA ABC 2015
Yakima, WA ABC 2012
Yakima, WA CBS, CW, Univision 2015
Yakima, WA FOX 2012
Youngstown, OH NBC 2012
Yuma, AZ Univision 2018

Source: American Television Alliance website

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