NEW HAVEN, Ind (Fort Wayne's NBC) -- We'd like to introduce you to a young entrepreneur with what his mother calls "a servant's heart."

It's a classic sign of summer: a lemonade stand on the side of the road, run by a young salesperson eager to entice new customers.
Eight and a half year old Ian Ludwig is trying his best.
"He's been begging and begging to do this lemonade stand," his mother Jessica says.
What's remarkable, though, is that this soon-to-be fourth grader's not piggybacking off his family's New Haven yard sale for his own gain.

"Tell me how business has been this morning. It's very good and we've gotten over five or six dollars. And what do you want to do with that money? We're going to give it to the veterans that don't have many things they need to survive, like medicines or things," Ian says.
You see, Ian loves veterans.
He started learning about them during Veterans Day programs at school, but then began studying more about them on his own.

"He came home one night and decided he needed to pray for the veterans, and I thought that was really interesting. And then all of a sudden it became this more of obsession of learning more about them and just figuring out how they helped and what they've done and ways that he can help others," his mom says.
"They've been doing a lot of things for us, and I'm just wanting to give them the money so I could give them it so they could survive," Ian says.
At fifty cents a glass, some might say he has a long way to go.
"Could I have a glass of lemonade?"
But when customer Lindsey Davis handed him a five, she told him to keep the change, instantly doubling his proceeds so far.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, and I think kids should be as caring about the community. It shows that even these little children care," she says.
The money Ian raises will be donated to the American Legion in New Haven, and he wants you to really understand he's championing a good cause.
"We know the veterans and they are very good people to our country," Ian insists.
Ian's lemonade stand will be open for business on Sherbrook Drive in New Haven on Saturday, from 8 to 1.