FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) --- A respected Taylor University professor leaves his job under allegations of serious misconduct.

One of his former students believes it is an outcome that was delayed too long, putting more women in peril.

"I believed that I was with a man who could be trusted to be appropriate," said Rachel Custer of Albion.

Custer says she was the victim of a rape in 2004 while she was a new student at Taylor-Fort Wayne. 

She showed up that day visibly shaken for a scheduled appointment with her adviser Dr. Dennis Hensley.

She said the professor of Professional Writing asked her what was wrong.

She says she shared the emotional account of the sexual assault she suffered.

As she stood up to leave, she says he hugged her, then at one point, he took off her glasses and his own.

"He kissed my tears, and then kissed me on the mouth, without my consent or desire," said Custer.

Custer says he kissed her a second time on the mouth, causing her to pull away.

She claims eventually Hensley told her the whole thing should be their little secret. 

Custer reported the incident to Taylor officials.

In a statement, the university says the investigation yielded conflicting stories, that Hensley was disciplined and cautioned.

But this year, Hensley's career came to a messy end.

Allegations of serious misconduct from new accusers came to light.

Hensley was confronted and Taylor says unsolicited he resigned.

The statement went on to read, "Taylor is grieved by any instance of predatory behavior or abuse of power."

We went to Twitter and searched Dr. Dennis Hensley.

We found a number of posts, including one from a former colleague who believes it's time to give Dr. Hensley some breathing room.

James Watkins wrote, "I believe justice has been served, but I'm afraid what some women want is blood."

Custer says there is something else she and other accusers desire.

"I would love for Taylor the institution to answer in some way for what they have allowed to happen to women on that campus," she said.

Taylor's statement included, "We hold accountable each member of our community expecting they adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards."

The Journal Gazette was able to reach Dr. Dennis Hensley by phone at his Fort Wayne home.

He told the Journal, "I thought I should just take the high ground and retire, and just call it quits and let this thing die its own death."