FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — The father who pleaded guilty to shaking his baby daughter until she was left in a coma was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Friday. 

Fort Wayne's NBC previously reported that five-month-old Caroline was left in a coma after being shaken in March by her father, then-21-year-old Dakota Moran. Back in early April, he requested a speedy trial. 

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He appeared in court Friday, June 22, for his sentencing hearing. He was sentenced 11 years, with 7 years in prison and 4 years suspended but on probation for aggravated battery. 

Caroline's grandmother Jamie Lucas said she was hoping for a longer sentencing saying, "I'll take what I can get at this point". 

Lucas said Caroline is recovering but is prone to seizures, and she said they are working on getting her a helmet to protect her during the seizures. 

Jamie Lucas also mentioned that Caroline's mother said she is standing by Moran through the situation. Lucas said she plans on contacting an attorney to try for full custody of Caroline. 

Moran told detectives when he was watching five-month-old Caroline, she woke up from a nap crying and struggling to breathe. 

Moran says he began to bounce her, but later admitted to shaking her, saying he didn't know his own strength. 

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Paramedics rushed little Caroline to the hospital after first responders found her unresponsive and not breathing in an upstairs apartment at Calhoun and Creighton Streets.