FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) --A former grocery store in the North Anthony Corridor is coming down.

After sitting empty since May of 2012, the old Scott's grocery store is now coming down. Fort Wayne's NBC previously reported the grocery store shut down when a routine inspection uncovered structural damage to the roof. The store has been closed ever since.

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Earlier this year leaders from the North Anthony Corridor announced plans to tear down the building over the years. Now the person who leases the property next won't have to do it themselves.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood hopes this is a sign that something better will come along.

“With the colleges around here it’s amazing,” Suzanna Ohlwine said. “We really need it. There's just nowhere to go close if you need a loaf of bread or something."

Those involved in the North Anthony Corridor Group also say taking down the vacant building is another step towards progress. The group continues to push to bring a grocery store to the area. The group posted a video, including shots of people holding signs pleading for a grocery, on Facebook and delivered it to around 30 supermarket chains with stores within 100 miles of Fort Wayne.

Marsh was close to signing on the dotted line to put a store in that spot until financial troubles crippled the chain.