(Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Fort Wayne native Christiana Danielle is competing in 'The Voice', and she needs support from home. 

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To make sure Christiana with Team Alicia makes it to the end, you can vote for her or your favorite contestant to stay in the show. 

Voting begins when the show starts at 8 p.m. and the voting window closes the next day at noon. 

There are two easy ways to vote on your phone: 

App voting — Using The Voice app, you can wait until the real-time team voting window pops up and click on the artist or artists of your choice and save your choice. App voting is limited to 10 votes per artist per email address or Facebook account. 

Twitter voting — You can use the hashtag #VoicePlayoffsChristiana to vote for Christiana on Twitter, but it only works if your account is public, not private. You're allowed to vote one time per Twitter ID per artist. The voting window will be open during the show beginning at 8 p.m. Carson Daly will announce the beginning of the voting period on the show. 

In total, there are six ways to vote for Christiana or your favorite contestant: 

  1. App Voting 
  2. Online Voting
  3. Xfinity X1 Voting
  4. iTunes Voting 
  5. Apple Music Voting
  6. Twitter Voting 

See more details about how to vote here. 

There are other ways to support Christiana, too. Another watch party will take place Monday night at Huntington University's Union Building starting at 8 p.m. There will be free food and giveaways and the watch party is open to the public.