LAS VEGAS (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — The affordable airline Allegiant Air is under fire after an investigation showed significant safety concerns. 

The "60 Minutes" news show worked with investigators, finding that between January 2016 and October 2017, Allegiant had over 100 serious mechanical incidents, including aborted takeoffs, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions and midair engine failures according to the Associated Press. 

Over a year's worth of Federal Aviation Administration reports for Allegiant and seven other airlines show they were on average nearly three and a half times more likely to have a midair breakdown than Delta, United, American, Spirit, or JetBlue. 

Allegiant's Vice President of Operations Captain Eric Gust said "60 Minutes" aired a “false narrative about Allegiant and the FAA, which he said exercises “rigorous oversight” of the airline. He also said Allegiant complies with all FAA requirements and participates in numerous voluntary safety programs. 

They also reported that shares of parent company Allegiant Travel Co. are down more than 8 percent before the opening bell.