New audio is shedding more light on a Fort Wayne feud.
The city clerk is accusing the mayor of retaliating against her over a ticket for his city vehicle having expired plates. 
In the recording you hear him agree.

"So again, in retaliation for it, that's what it's going to be," Keesling says in the recording.

"Mmmhmm," the mayor responds.

Republican City Clerk Lana Keesling released a recording of her conversation last week with Democratic Mayor Tom Henry about the ticket one of her parking control officers wrote for the mayor's city-owned car having expired plates for more than a month.
She claims the mayor revoked her parking space as revenge.

"The bottom line here is we have four spots down there. I get to choose who parks there and who doesn't. This is my building," the mayor says in the recording.

After his State of the City address, we asked the mayor about the conversation which had been recorded without his knowledge -- something that is not illegal.

"This is the city's building, and I happen to be in charge of this building. That's my job as mayor to make sure that the personnel who are here and the operations here is done appropriately. That's my job," Henry tells us.

"The case was I was being retaliated against and harassed and threatened. And so that was the big picture," Keesling says.

Mayor Henry says if someone is driving a city vehicle and breaks the law, that's one thing.
But if a city car is just sitting there...

"To give it a parking ticket is just a waste of time because we're just going to end up writing a check to ourselves, and that's the point I was trying to make over and over," the mayor says.

Keesling, though, has repeatedly emphasized that her office has to treat everyone and every vehicle the same way.
Listen to this part of their conversation where the mayor gets frustrated about the publicity the story has generated.

Mayor: "Why don't you start ticketing me at every parking meter that I'm at, even on government business, go ahead and have them ticket me."
Keesling: "Okay."
Mayor: "Then I'll turn around and I'll just have the controller write a ticket to the city of Fort Wayne. Or write a check. And we'll just keep this game going. Now, who is going to end up having bad publicity? Me?"
Keesling: "We hold everybody and every vehicle. whether it's a sheriff's vehicle, whether it's a city vehicle, whether it's a state vehicle..."
Mayor: "So you would ticket a police car?"
Keesling: "Yes, we would. And I can tell you that the Sheriff in this city got a ticket. And you know what he did, Tom? He paid it." 

Still calling it a misunderstanding and disagreement between them, and saying he's offered an olive branch by trying to find Keesling another parking space, the mayor says it's time to move on.
Keesling says she's willing to drop the issue, but still says the issue was never about a parking space but rather the mayor's actions.

"He has danced around it from Day 1, that it was a disagreement with two people, and again, that it was over a parking spot. It was about the power and control and retaliation I was enduring," Keesling says.

By the way, Keesling says there is an appeals process for every ticket her officers write.
She says if the mayor or someone from his office had merely gone through that appropriate channel and explained that the BMV had not sent the updated license plate registration but that it was on the way, the ticket would have been dismissed.

You can listen to the full audio recording below.


A newly released recording is shedding more light on the feud between Fort Wayne's Mayor and a City Clerk.

Fort Wayne's NBC has received a recording of a discussion between City Clerk Lana Keesling and Mayor Tom Henry. The conversation happened after Keesling's office issued a $100 ticket for an expired license plate on Mayor Henry's city-owned vehicle.

Fort Wayne's NBC previously reported the Republican City Clerk Lana Keesling alleged the Democrat Mayor Tom Henry retaliated after the ticket was issued. Keesling claimed the mayor took away her Citizen's Square parking spot, making her the only elected official without one.

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In the recording, Mayor Henry can be heard revoking Keesling's access to the parking space, saying he was taking the spot back.

"The bottom line is we have four spots down there. I get to choose who parks there and who doesn't. This is my building," Mayor Henry said.

"So in retaliation for it, you are taking that spot away from me and forcing me to go elsewhere," Keesling replied.

"I am not going to park out in that lot anymore, bottom line."

Henry has not addressed any of the city clerk's accusations of abuse, but Tuesday he offered to give her back her parking space. City spokesman John Perlich sent us a copy of the email from the mayor to the clerk. 

It reads, "Lana – It’s become apparent the reassignment of parking spaces at Citizens Square has caused you a lot of angst. To forgo any additional stress on your part, I have asked the Deputy Mayor to contact the building staff to try to accommodate your desire to park in the building. It appears in order to open up additional space, various pieces of equipment need to be removed or repositioned. Therefore, it may take a little while to make an additional bay available. Hopefully, this will ease some of the tension that has occurred."

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Keesling told Fort Wayne's NBC it is bigger than the parking spot. She said there is an abuse of power and retaliation. In the recording, Mayor Henry seemingly admitted taking the spot away was retaliation.

"So effective Monday you are removing the garage door opener because of this situation," Keesling said in part of the recording.

"Exactly," Mayor Henry replied.

You can listen to the full recording below. ABC21 is talking with Mayor Henry Wednesday and will have his response to the recording on Fort Wayne's NBC news at 5 and 6.