FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — The Philmore on Broadway will have a new look with a familiar name.

Starting yesterday, Hall's Catering is now operating this historic venue which hosts a variety of events.

But why did Hall's want to operate the Philmore? 

Carrie Riepenhoff is the director of services and operations manager for Hall's Catering at the Philmore. Riepenhoff said it's because of the history that the venue has. It was originally the Broadway theater in the early 1920's, and they want to bring back that liveliness to the area.

Given that Hall's also has been a long-time community staple, the pairing brings local history together. Hall's catering sees this as the perfect opportunity to combine their food with a great venue, helping Hall's branch out into a new direction. One that, to them, makes perfect sense.  

"Hall's has a history of being a part of the community, and in the '07, this is where the heart of halls started, right down the road Bluffton Road, original drive in,"  Riepenhoff said. "There's a resurgence in this area that we really wanted to be part of."   

The building can hold nearly 300 people and has become the latest location to take advantage of the growth on the south side, including the 07 Pub, the Friendly Fox and Trubble Brewing. They hope to host receptions, parties and live events. 

They want to freshen it up and also maintain some of the history to the building. Riepenhoff said they plan to update landscaping, lighting, and add a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls, featuring a mural by local artists.  

You can check out the venue for yourself coming up in February when they host their first concert featuring the Train Hoppers.