FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- (Fort Wayne's NBC) Fort Wayne's own Addison Agen sang her heart out and left it all on the stage at Monday's finale on the Voice. Now it's up to the voters to decide who will be crowned the winner of season 13 Tuesday night.

Many can't believe it was only 3 short months ago viewers first met Addison wen she took the stage at the blind auditions. Her wild and crazy journey, however, would not have been possible had it not been for the persistence of one teacher who heard and believed she should share her talent with the world.

"I just love the fact that America is falling in love with her," said Lizette Pierce, Addison's former Spanish teacher.

Addison took Mrs. Lizette Pierce's class last year.

She's not one to admit it, but Mrs. Pierce has actually played a pretty big role in Addison's success.

"It's a God thing," she said. "I feel blessed. I feel very honored to have been chosen to be that part."

The story begins last year when she went to one of Concordia's volleyball games.

"I just remember this most beautiful voice singing the national anthem and I just remember being in awe," Mrs. Pierce said.

That voice belonged to Addison and Mrs. Pierce knew she had to say something - perhaps try out for one of the those singing shows on T.V.
"It was because her voice was just that beautiful," she said.

Mrs. Pierce is not a singer and she doesn't play any instruments -- just an admirer of a beautiful voice and Addison was thankful.

"She said, 'Thank you so much Mrs. Pierce.' and I just told her I'd help you out," Mrs. Pierce said.
As luck would have it, Mrs. Pierce met Addison's mom a few months later. Again, she felt like she had to say something about an audition. Addison's mom said she'd look into it. Mrs. Pierce got to hear Addison sing once again, this time at chapel. She said it was now looking more and more like fate something had to happen.

"So I emailed mom and Addison and mom signed her up immediately," she said.

Addison and her mom packed their bags and Mrs. Pierce drove them to Chicago for the weekend to audition for the show last January.

"We were sitting and we were sitting in line with tons and tons of people and we were at that moment we had said, 'What a wonderful adventure!'"

While on their adventure, Mrs. Piece was able to capture candid moments of Addison and her mom enjoying a once in a lifetime opportunity and realizing things were about to change 

"You know, I wanted to capture this for them," she said. "It was their moment. I [can] hear her saying, 'Thank you God' and 'I can't believe this is all happening.'"

Tuesday night - win or lose - Addison has a bright future ahead of her. It just took a spark from Mrs. Pierce that lit a fire for Addison to chase her dreams.

That just fills my heart that someone is just accomplishing their dream," she said.

Addison will be singing Norah Jones' 'Don't know why' with Norah herself for the results show Tuesday night. 

The Voice results show airs on Fort Wayne's NBC at 9 p.m.