FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) -- Over halfway through No Shave November and men's health continue to be at the forefront. Human papillomavirus more commonly known as HPV is a very common virus that has certain strains that are known to lead to cervical cancer, tonsils cancer, as well as base of tongue cancer. 

Dr. Mark Ranck, Radiation oncologist at Lutheran Hospital says, "It's though that most people are exposed at a young age. The virus then lays dormant and at some point reactivates and can cause a problem. We know from cervical cancer that latency period can be up to 30 years."

When HPV is the cause for these cancers it is not always easy for doctors to diagnose HPV as the cause.

Dr. Ranck says, "We have an opportunity to cure many men of this disease. I think it's also something that should be on the forefront of our minds because the classic risk factor are smoking and drinking are what use to clue us in. One might be at risk of this type of cancer, but nowadays we are seeing it in much younger men for different reasons. We are learning that the same virus that can lead to cervical cancer or anal cancer can actually cause cancer of the tonsil or base of tongue, and this is often in men that are not smokers. They are not drinkers. "

There is a vaccine for HPV that is now recommended for men before the age of 25. 

In hopes of making a difference against cancer, meteorologist Yasser Kishk is trying to raise money for the no shave November organization for cancer prevention, research and education. If you would like to donate click here.