The tragic situation in Delphi has parents around the state on high alert, concerned for the safety of their own children.

Coventry Taekwondo in Fort Wayne is now offering a way to help parents and children gain confidence, despite what owner and chief instructor Penny Beddow-Wolf calls a scary time in our country.

"Unfortunately in today's society there's predators everywhere, and the predators are very smart."

She along with her fellow instructors give her students the knowledge to out smart today's predators.

They teach classes for all ages, starting as young as 3 years old. Learning the basics of self defense, information Beddow-Wolf hopes kicks in when you feel threatened.
"If they come up to them say no, stranger danger, run away, and if they're grabbed, how to get away with a simple release and run and get help."

Simple moves are taught early on and have a lasting impact like for Elizabeth Dunlap, who has been taking classes since she was 11.

"It helps me feel confident that I can go outside, and I'm not as scared as I was before. You know, if someone's falling me I don't feel as paranoid as I used to. I know how to defend myself and I'm proud of that."

Elizabeth attends classes regularly with her mom and dad, and not only is it a great workout, but it also lets them rest peacefully when Elizabeth isn't with them says her mother Ann.

"When she's out by herself I know she can defend herself, and when she's out with friends they're all black belts so I'm even more comfortable."

Beddow-Wolf knows most kids will be out-sized by predators, but she says it's less about strength and more about knowledge.

"Muscle memory comes into play, and once that muscle memory is over and over again, they're not afraid because they have that confidence they can do it, they can get away and they can run and get help."

Other things to keep in mind, no matter how strong your attacker is their eyes, nose and ears are still weak.

She also cautions you about arming your children with mace as it can be taken during an attack and used against them.