The chief witness for the state in the retrial of Artavius Richards testified this afternoon, implicating Richards and another man in a triple murder in Fort Wayne last year.

There was a new twist as part of the woman's testimony to an Allen County jury.

This is the second go around for this Case in court. Back in November, prosecutors tried to get a conviction against 19-year-old Artavius Richards for the gun slayings of three young men inside 808 east Lewis Street. A local prostitute was the star witness, saying she drove Richards and Darrell McDaniel to the house to buy drugs, but that when they came back to the car, they admitted they shot and killed three people inside.

That woman today repeated much of what she said before, but new this time around, prosecutors played a recording from a phone call the woman received from the county jail about an hour after the triple murder. In that call, she admitted who she'd been with that day, and when the inmate, a defendant in a different murder, asked her what's wrong, she said nothing, just some stupid stuff.

She testified she didn't go into further detail, knowing the call was recorded. It offers some new insights that she was with Richards the day of the Lewis street violence. 

In opening statements, jurors were told Richards cellphone was seized by police. We suspect that something from that phone could become part of this trial, which was not in trial number one.

We are on track to get the case to the jury for a verdict on Thursday.